Age: 35
Hometown: Casper, WY
Occupation: MWD Technician
Weight: 202 lbs
Height: 5’11″

M&F: What motivated you to sign up for the 60 Day Revolution?

Corey: I have always been a big follower of James [Grage] and all his programs. I received an email to sign up and decided you can’t win if you don’t try, right? And honestly, I knew I needed something different to get me past the hurdle I have been stuck at. I have always needed a positive outlet in my life — music or art — and now it’s fitness, and I needed to find a way to be a part of something. With this program I saw a way to be a part of something that will ultimately help me pay it forward in the future and help others who are stuck or frustrated.

Have you made any adjustments to our recommended plan? If so, what else did you add to your workout and nutrition program?

I haven’t made any adjustments but I do have some recommendations. As far as nutrition, maybe have some videos on grocery shopping, preparing meals, going out to eat, etc. I believe nutrition is the most confusing and biggest hurdle people come across. You can tell someone how many grams of protein to consume, but that does not teach them about the hidden villains, such as sugar, that are in so many food products. I just think nutrition is the biggest and most confusing thing for everyone; you always read, “avoid this”, “don’t avoid this”, “this is bad, oh wait, no it’s not”.

When it comes to training, the only thing I think I would change is to add more conditioning day options and maybe a day with a total ab routine.

What is the most difficult part of the program for you? And how have you been overcoming this challenge?

The most difficult part for me is the conditioning days. I am not used to that yet. I keep working on it and pushing as hard as I possibly can. The only other thing is trying to do meal prep with the way things have been lately. But I still manage to get my daily meals made and ready. Sometimes I have to pull a meal I had in the freezer previously.

What is your favorite part of the program?

My favorite part of the program is the community page and the challenges. Everybody supporting one another and pushing and motivating each other is amazing. It’s like a family. I have had a hard time finding people that are truly supportive and understand the crazy road of the fitness lifestyle. It’s also really amazing getting feedback from the pros like James and all the others who created the program. Having the 4-time Mr. Olympia following our group and supporting us and giving us shout outs really motivates you to bust your ass!!!

What advice can you give to someone who is just starting the 60 Day Revolution?

My advice to someone starting would be to join the group, bring a friend, and don’t be afraid. Everyone starts somewhere. Take the first week to really practice all the moves. Watch all the videos and look at yourself in the mirror or even video tape yourself so you can see how you are doing the exercise vs. how it’s being done on the training videos.


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