Age: 25
Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
Occupation: Pharmacist
Weight: 130 lbs
Height: 5’3″

M&F: What motivated you to sign up for the 60 Day Revolution?

Danielle: I actually commented on a photo on James Grage’s Instagram about “joining the revolution”. All I put was the “big muscle” emoji and he responded back to me saying I should apply because they needed a good female entry.

Have you made any adjustments to our recommended plan? If so, what else did you add to your workout and nutrition program?

I have not added anything to the nutrition program; in fact, I have followed it religiously since day 1 and learn from it daily. However, “active rest days” have become “lets see how far I can push myself” days. I started on my exercise bike trying to complete 4 miles in under 20 minutes. Week 2 became, “okay let’s beat that time” and Week 3 I set up a complete cardio/strength workout without weights and challenged how many times I could complete the sets. 

What is the most difficult part of the program for you? And how have you been overcoming this challenge?

The nutrition part of the program is extremely helpful, but food and cravings have always been the most difficult part of being fit for me. I think the problem before was that I thought I had to almost starve myself to lose some weight, but I’ve found out now that I actually need to be eating a certain amount of calories per day to balance the nutrition for it to help with weight loss or muscle gain.

What is your Favorite part of the program?

My favorite part of the program is definitely the Facebook Group Page. How can you not be motivated by these awesome people we have joining us daily on this page!? Seriously, I didn’t want to get out of bed one morning, reached for my phone and had 5 new messages from people asking me questions about the program. I instantly jumped out of bed, got dressed, and started my workout! I don’t want to let myself down, and more importantly, I don’t want to let down the people who find motivation from my posts.

What advice can you give to someone who is just starting the 60 Day Revolution?

The best advice I can give so far is push yourself as hard and as far as you can, and do the exercises the best you can each day. Follow the nutrition plan!! I think the reason I’m seeing results so fast is because I am 100% following this program the way the panel of experts arranged it to be. I haven’t skipped a day, I haven’t changed a day because I didn’t want to do it; I simply followed the program day by day and already I am seeing awesome results! 


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