Here’s the problem with diets: More often than not, they’re too hard or unhealthy to sustain in the long run, and too frequently they end in weight gain—a fraction of what you lost; or worse, even more flab sloshing around your midsection.

Because here’s the truth: “Research on people who have lost weight and kept it off from the National Weight Control Registry demonstrates that weight loss requires adopting permanent changes in what you eat, how you eat, and other behavioral changes that require taking a hard look at your where you get your foods (home prepared or eaten out) and how well you prioritize eating often enough to keep impulse eating under control,” says Hillary Wright, MEd, R.D.

Men and women are more apt to look at quick-fix diets to remedy their weight problems, though. Because of this, we asked Wright to highlight the worst behaviors and habits that will prevent you from losing weight for good.