The old adage “abs are made in the kitchen” is actually pure fact. The proof is in the homemade protein powder pudding. Research published in the Journal Of Obesity in 2012 showed that women, age averaging 58, who adopted healthy dietary habits alone over a yearlong period had an 8.5% weight reduction. Those who just exercised lost 2.4% body weight, and women who combined both lost 10.8% body weight.

Yet sticking to your diet, or figuring out which one is right for you, can sometimes seem tougher than maintaining an exercise regimen given the dizzying number of diets to sift through. Only a handful of great diets have stood the test of time when it comes to delivering successful long-term weight loss.

Among the top result getters are ketogenic, gluten-free, Paleo, Mediterranean, and If It Fits Your Macros diets. We asked the experts which ones are best for active women who are looking to optimize their weight loss and ultimately lead a longer, healthier life.