We’re sure you’ve noticed by now that your gym is crowded with New Year’s Resolution-ers, sweating, pumping and running their way to their Dream Physiques in 2013. Sadly (or maybe gladly for those who are sick of the gym crowding), a month from now, most of these people will be gone, no doubt falling victim to the classic “I’m too busy,” “I’m not seeing results,” “There’s a game on!” excuses that lure everyone away from the weights.

But that’s what these things really are—excuses. The key to health, fitness, that killer body and, really, all success at everything, is dedication and consistency. That’s why our friends at Six Pack Shortcuts created this video detailing all the excuses we give for taking a day off—a day that quickly becomes a week, then a month—and how to say “F$*%! excuses!” and light a fire under your ass.