You can get a rock solid six-pack without ever leaving your dorm room. Of course I am not telling you to stay in your dorm room, go out and experience college. But you don’t need to spend all of your free time in the gym to get a six-pack. 

There are two aspects to a six-pack: fat and muscle. You need to have a low enough body fat percentage so that your abs are visible, and then you need actual abdominal muscles so that they pop out. Everyone talks about the freshman fifteen and how weight gain is basically guaranteed because of the food in the dining halls. But the truth is, the freshman fifteen does not come from the dining halls. It comes from your dorm room. 

All of the snacks (and booze) that you have in your dorm room are the main contributors to weight gain. The dining halls have enough healthy options to make it fairly easy for you to eat healthy, but your dorm room is a different story. If you walk into 99.9% of college student’s dorms, they have more unhealthy options than healthy options.

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Dorm rooms are stocked with instant mac and cheese, pizza, chips, sour patch kids, mountain dew, alcohol, and a myriad of snacks that contribute to the freshman fifteen. It is these unhealthy foods that are eaten outside of the dining courts that put all the weight on college kids. 

Simply eliminating these foods will help cover the fat part of the two-part system to a six-pack. The other part, gaining abdominal muscles, can also be taken care of in the dorm room. And the best part, they can be taken care of in just two minutes a day! 

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Six-Pack Abs in 2-Minutes

The following routine can be done everyday (unless your abs are sore from the previous day) and will help you get a six-pack in no time. The five exercises are to be done back to back for 20 seconds each without taking a break in between. Also, your heels should never touch the ground.

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Lying Static Leg Raise

-Lie flat on your back with your hands under your rear end for support

-Lift your feet 6 -12 inches off the ground and hold them in that position

Flutter Kicks

-Start with your feet 6 -12 inches off the ground and your hands under your rear end

-Raise one leg up to a 45-degree angle and return to the starting position

-While the leg is on the way down, raise the other leg up to a 45-degree angle

-Continue alternately lifting your legs up to a 45-degree angle and back to the starting position

Leg Raises

-Start with your feet 6 -12 inches off the ground and your hands under your rear end

-Keeping your knees as straight as possible, raise both legs up toward the sky forming a 90-degree angle with the ground.

-At the top of the movement, lift your hips off the ground and thrust them toward the sky

Bicycle Crunches

-Start with your feet 6 -12 inches off the ground and your hands behind your head

-Bend your right knee and lift it toward your right ear

-Simultaneously crunch your left elbow/shoulder toward your right knee

-Repeat the same motion with your left knee and right elbow/shoulder


-Flip over to your stomach and get into the push-up position

-Rest on your elbows and forearms instead of your hands

-Keeping a neutral spine and tight abs, maintain this position for the full 20 seconds

More Advanced

If you find the routine above to be too easy, you can increase the amount of time you do each exercise, increase the amount of sets, or both. For example, you could do one cycle of all five exercises where you do each exercise for 30 seconds. Take a minute break. Do another cycle where you do each exercise for 25 seconds. Take a minute break. Do a third cycle where you do each exercise for 20 seconds. 

By simply removing the junk food from your dorm and doing a two minute abs routine you will be well on your way to six pack abs. 


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