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How To Solve Your Age-Related Fitness Problems

These practical solutions to common age-related problems will keep you in your prime at any age.

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The struggle is real for the 40-plus guy working hard to get (and stay) shredded. Nagging injuries that keep setting you back, stubborn body fat layering your six-pack, and, ahem, “performance issues” in the bedroom—we understand what you’re going through. But, as our top-shelf expert will explain, there are simple solutions to many of those oh-so-common conundrums.


Your knees throb for days when you go aggressive on squats or lunges, which makes it hard to achieve productive leg workouts.


Don’t just blame your age—blame your technique and training habits. Not keeping the weight over the heels when squatting and lunging is one of the major culprits of bad knees; the added tension on the patellar tendons will wreck the joints over time. Not warming up properly on leg days and going too heavy are other common reasons.


You don’t see good fat-loss results with steady-state cardio, but HIIT sessions are beating up your body.


When it comes to cardio, most people talk about only high-intensity (sprints, Tabata, etc.) and low-intensity (long treadmill and elliptical sessions), forgetting that there’s a middle ground: medium-intensity cardio. Make this your go-to conditioning regimen.

Quick Tip: “Start with a good general warmup, followed by stretching, then focus on a specific warmup like squatting without weights,” says Dov Medina, a personal trainer and owner of DovFlex in Forest Hills, NY (

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