Sometimes people like to work out at home, and other times—such as during the global Covid-19 pandemic—they have no choice. For a lot of people, this means relying on bodyweight exercises or routines that rely on minimal equipment (resistance bands, a pullup bar, etc.).

For those who have home gyms, they probably have a couple dumbbells, a few plates, and maybe even a barbell. Some have a squat rack, which makes a profound difference.

But these are mostly free weights, which means you still can’t do any machine movements like triceps pushdowns or lat pulldowns, both of which require a cable pulley system. And there’s just no way you can manage that at home … or can you?

Here, we’ll show you how with $50 and a trip to your hardware store (an essential business), you can make yourself a cable pulley system and add a few more options to your at-home training game.

We’ll even include options for doing it in an apartment, just in case you’re not lucky enough to have a garage gym where you live.

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