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The Lift Doctor: Bigger Forearms & Less Back Soreness

Follow this prescription for how to boost forearm size & reduce back stiffness.

The Lift Doctor: Bigger Forearms & Less Back Soreness

“What's the best way to boost your forearms to a bigger size?” – Eddy Drg

I’ve written about how to get bigger forearms before but let’s dive deeper into the training. As I stated, you need to smash forearms with lots and lots of volume. Also, they should typically be done after your arm work, because training your biceps and triceps first, will act to pre-exhaust to your forearms. And, you don’t want to have trouble holding onto the weights, which will happen if you hit forearms first in the workout.

Some of my favorite forearms exercises are barbell wrist curls with the bar on the edge of the bench and seated wrist curls with the bar under your legs as you sit off the edge of the bench. Two other favorites are EZ curl bar reverse curls and reverse wrist curls. These four simple exercises will add mass on your forearms like no others.

Strengthening the forearms in another matter. Having a strong grip is the definition of being a man and affects everything we do in the gym. If we can grip the weights tighter, we will be stronger and more stabile for whatever exercise we do. While there are a ton of grip strengthening exercises to choose from, I’ve found the more dynamic the movement, the greater carry over to your absolute grip strength. Exercises like high-rep Kettlebell swings, heavy side rows without straps, heavy barbell shrugs, rack holds (where you hit a rack pull off the cage and hold the weight as long as you can), and farmer’s walk variations; will turn your grip into a vise. 

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