We sure do, and know you have your own questions as well. With that in mind we thought it best to put our money where our mouth is and show you first hand what it takes to get through a M&F Trainer Workout. We put one our best in house critic’s under the gun and into the maze to see what he had to say. Let us introduce you to James Grage, aka “The Lab Rat”. James is a Weider Employee, and like most of us, he has his own skepticism of certain workouts, nutrition, and supplementation just as you do. He questions everything, and better yet, tries most things out for himself and gives us his honest and most “humble” opinion. James will always question and is up for any task we throw at him, so we made him our Official M&F Lab Rat. With his eagerness to take on any endeavor, this newly found role is perfect for him to bring you the real, true results of the tests we are gonna put him through.

In this series James takes on the task of seeing for himself what all the HYPE is over the M&F Trainer and the new M&F Strength Bands. Take a look as the “Lab Rat” brings you into his gym and walks you through a very real workout.