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Q: How do you incorporate Olympic lifts to increase power and strength into a bodybuilding routine? –Martin Gregorski


A: While bodybuilders don’t typically focus on incorporating Olympic lifts—such as the clean and snatch—into their training, these exercises can be of great benefit for those looking to gain muscle. Because of the unique neural demands Olympic lifts place on the body, Olympic lifts can help you become a more athletic lifter, as they hits untapped fast twitch muscle fibers that would not be stressed during a traditional lift, such as chest press or biceps curl. 

If you ever go to an Olympic lifting competition you will notice two things; one, they have big traps and shoulders due to the pulling phase of an Olympic lift, and two, they have fantastic quads, since they have to drop down into a deep front squat with heavy loads. That is why I usually add Olympic lifts to either a leg or shoulder and trap workout. 


I've had great success helping my clients break through plateaus and gain new muscle incorporating OLY lifts into their routine. Below is a lower body workout that is sure to shock your legs into gaining newfound size and strength!


Lower-body Routine w/Olympic Lifts

Exercise                                                    Sets      Reps 

Power/Hang Clean to Front Squat*          4           3-6

Front Squats (Heavy)                               2           8

1-Leg Rear Foot Elevated Squat               3           8-10 each

Barbell Stiff-Leg Deadlift                         3           8-10

Reverse Hyperextensions                         3           15 


*Make sure to learn correct technique by warming up with 2-3 sets with light weight. For beginners use the hang position, and for advanced use the power position for the clean.