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M&F/Q&A – Week #3

We answer your Facebook training and nutrition questions right here, right now

Welcome to Week 3's edition of M&F/Q&A, in which Justin Grinnell B.S., CSCS, NASM-CPT answers questions you post to our Facebook page. Every Thursday you can find a new thread on Facebook in which we ask for your training and nutrition questions, answering three of them right here the following Thursday.

So, start asking over at our Facebook thread now, and check out our answers to last week's questions below.

I am looking to build muscle, and workout 4 times per week. Two of those sessions are cardio. Should I drop a cardio session and add another weight session? –Gary Harvey

To optimize your muscle building capabilities you should focus on your weight-training program. The only way you're going to build muscle is if you place a significant amount of stress on each muscle, and then let it repair and grow with proper rest and nutrition.

Dedicating two days to cardio, and only 2 days of weight training won’t be enough to stimulate enough muscle growth.If you are concerned about gaining bodyfat, or getting out of shape cardiovascular-wise, you should make sure your diet is in check. As for the cardiovascular conditioning, try the split below.

Using a split that involves full-body workouts, and upper-body and lower-body workouts allows you to superset non-competing muscle groups. This leads to great metabolic effects for fat loss and muscle gain, while staying a very conditioned lifter without having to do a bunch of cardio.

Day 1: Full-body
Day 2: No lifting
Day 3: Lower-body
Day 4: Upper-body
Day 5: No Lifting
Day 6: Full-body
Day 7: No lifting
Day 8: repeat