The military, or overhead, press is not only a better overall muscle builder than the bench press, it also provides more practical applications to sports and life. Still, most guys can’t move a lot of weight on this lift, because they don’t know the proper technique. Use these tips to put up bigger numbers.

Trainer Tips:

In the starting position, push your elbows forward so that your forearms are vertical. They should point in a straight line as the bar goes overhead.

Take a deep breath before each rep.

Keep your abs and glutes braced. Try to grip the floor with your feet.

Push your head forward slightly to get under the bar as it passes your face.

On heavy sets, start each rep by leaning back a bit (keep your abs braced), and then push your hips back to power the bar overhead. Think of it as a push press with your hips.

Shrug your shoulders at the top so your traps can help finish the lift.

For you to know: The military press is the best exercise most guys neglect.