Workout Tips


Stay strong and fit throughout your college years with these campus life pointers.

Keep on Track

Being a college student comes with lots of obstacles to staying in shape—unless you adopt some good habits to help off-set typical campus life. Here are some helpful tips to help keep you on track while at school.

Take Advantage of Freebies

Find out what gyms and facilities students can use for free. Ask what days and times are the least busy so you can get in a workout without having to worry about waiting around for equipment.

No Skipping

Don't skip meals. Mix up protein shakes to drink between or during classes or bring foods you can eat on the go so you have the energy to keep going.

Huff It

Walk or ride your bike around campus to burn off a few extra calories between classes.

Use Facilities

Use your campus to your advantage. Working out outdoors will give you a break from your gym routine. You can also use these spaces to do other physical activities like going for a run to throwing around a football.

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