Hugh Jackman Joins 1000-Pound Club

The "X-Men" star builds on his inspiring weightlifting journey with a new personal best.

wolverine-hugh jackman

Hugh Jackman has been in the news for depressing reasons lately. He recently announced that his next appearance as "Wolverine" in the iconic X-Men series will be his last. It's a shame because there's no way whoever takes the mantle next will be as jacked as Jackman (sorry, we had to say it).

The 46-year-old actor took to Instagram this week to post the deadlift that brought him into the 1000-pound club (355 squat, 235 bench, 410 deadlift, all in three hours), and the club of our undying respect. Here's the video, complete with random guy screaming about how "too f--ing easy" the lift was.

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This isn't the first time we've seen Jackman's powerful prowess with the barbell. We noted another milestone last year when he battled through two 435-pound lifts. He had one message for his spotters -- don't touch it! 

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Believe it or not, he wasn't always the hyper-muscled action star we've come to know and love. Jackman was once a skinny guy who wasn't all that interested in lifing. Jackman told M&F“Everyone joked that I was the ‘before’ model. “I was so skinny. I never lifted a weight except to clean up at the end of a shift. Now I’ll probably always make it part of my life.”