Rising fitness star Agostina Laneri is proof that being a mom doesn’t compromise a woman’s strength or make her any less sexy. Laneri has a newborn baby, but hasn’t let that slow her down much when it comes to fitting workouts in. She’s just been incorporating more at-home workouts into her routine to maximize her time.

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Kassius doesn’t like taking naps at home so I guess he’s gonna have to workout with me. If it wasn’t for what I do at home and my own #homeworkouts that I have been doing I don’t know if I would have been able to #snapforward the way I have because I can count with one hand how many times I’ve been to the gym in the last 2 months. I’m 24/7 with my baby so sticking to the home workouts and eating healthy has been my priority while being home with @mynameiskassius and spending time with him. When I train clients, I bring him with me and we have a routine now. I say this to say, if you have a newborn and you’re looking to get a trainer, talk to him/her about how to schedule your workouts around your baby. I, personally, let my clients bring their babies to the sessions. It’s not complicated, you just have to have the right attitude and patience. Mommies and ladies and gentlemen, stay consistent with your workouts and you will see results! Try these exercises at home and if you don’t have kids maybe you can use your pet ??‍♀️??? #NoExcuses #FitMom #HappyHumpDay ?? Hip Raises 4×25 ?? Squats 4X15 ?? Calves Raises 4×25 ?? Bicep Curls 4×25 ?? Side Lunges 4×15 • • The struggle of having a newborn and no nanny is real. Honestly, some days I feel I might go crazy or maybe I have ? Shout out to all the #singlemoms out there because this shit is not easy!!! ? • • If you have questions deciding which program is best for you, dm me, comment, email or just holla at me! ?? AgostinaFitness.com ✊? AgostinaFitness.com ✊? AgostinaFitness.com ✊? AgostinaFitness.com ✊?

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Laneri is a celebrity trainer who also offers a variety of online workout programs and a diet program. She also posts informative videos on Youtube about smoothies, yoga, and more.

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