NPC Bikini Circuit Babe, Holly Bricken

Why she left her job and soft body behind for the thrill of the NPC Bikini circuit

NPC Bikini Circuit Babe, Holly Bricken

Holly Bricken didn’t always look like this. Believe it or not, the blond bombshell was pounding Coke and doughnuts for breakfast right after she graduated from college, going from fit personal trainer to pudgy kindergarten teacher. Obviously, that didn’t last. She kicked the junk food, entered the NPC bikini circuit, and propelled herself into the dreams of men everywhere.

Height: 5’ 10”

Weight: 135 lbs.

Residence: Houston, TX


M&F: How did you get into competing?

HB: In college I was into fitness, and I was a certified trainer. Once I hit the real world I got my teaching career going, and that meant a lot of snacking with kindergartners. I saw a picture of myself from my sister’s wedding and I was just disgusted, so I started working out again. I always looked up to [figure competitor] Monica Brant, and I saw an ad for one of her camps in a magazine, and I did it. It worked, and she still trains me today.

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