WrestleMania may be over, but WWE isn’t done making headlines.

For years, the Raw immediately following WrestleMania has been established as an event in itself, as fans witness the fallout from the previous night’s events. This week’s Raw was no different.

First, Vince McMahon made a rare in-ring appearance to announce two major changes: That there will be a “Superstar Shake-Up” next week in which wrestlers will be exchanged between the Raw and Smackdown brands; and that there will be a new general manager for Raw to fill the void left by Mick Foley, who was “fired” weeks prior.

The new GM was revealed to be none other than 2017 WWE Hall of Fame Inductee and fan favorite Kurt Angle. Watch the video below:

The rest of the show included Roman Reigns reaffirming that the WWE is “his yard,” the Hardy Boys retaining the Tag-Team belt they earned at WrestleMania 33, and the much-anticipated return of Finn Balor after being out due to injury.

After Raw ended, Goldberg made a surprise appearance in the ring and told the crowd “This isn’t a damn script, so please listen.” He then gave a heartfelt speech where he expressed his gratitude in being able to wrestle with his family by his side, and confirmed his departure from the WWE. His final bows culminated with his son doing an amazing dab from the top ropes (and really, who can blame him?).

Of course, Goldberg couldn’t help himself before leaving the ring, leaving the crowd with one last statement: “Never say never.”