Whether fitness enthusiasts want a new way to get in shape, or fight fans want to feel like they are chasing their dreams of stepping into the ring or cage, boxing training is getting more popular than ever. As a matter of fact, our own Frank Sepe had teamed up with three-time world kickboxing champion Derek Panza to cover various aspects of training for that sport.

However, the visions of getting after it and living out a Rocky montage in your mind may be far different than what actually happens, Sepe and Panza addressed that topic in a recent M&F DM video, as seen on the Muscle & Fitness Instagram page. Panza first speaks to the trainers that may be watching, offering advice that could help their careers down the line.

“I think all trainers should train their clients as if they are fighters, but not actually fight,” said Panza. “Train them all serious with proper technique. I don’t train anyone that doesn’t want to learn how to fight correctly.”

As for the clients themselves, Panza mentioned that aside from technique and proper form, being limber and mobile is vital to improvement. So, expect to spend a lot of time stretching and working on being more flexible.

“I don’t think I can train if I don’t stretch out daily,” he shared. “That’s what helps me keep my hips and back useful. You should be stretching hard, but thorough.”


Panza also offered some great advice for those that be may be concerned about difficulty. After Sepe shared how tough it was for him to get in the ring as a bodybuilder, Panza shared that he could make the same statement about working out in the weight room with a man of Sepe’s caliber in his world. That’s because the new thing is the hard thing for all athletes. So, don’t be afraid of that challenge. Embrace it.

“I’ve done biceps with Frank. I cripple very quickly because I do my biceps every week, two exercises. Frank was a career bodybuilding. He’ll just do it all day long. I can’t do that.”

In summary, Panza shared that boxing training is about more than focusing on one aspect of fitness. You have to focus on everything in order to get better.

“As a fighter, you do have to do everything – baseline cardio, anaerobic style cardio, real threshold high intensity training,” he said. “When I say HIIT I mean you actually dread the workout every week. When you do it, you should feel like you’re going to throw up. That’s an every week thing.”

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