M&F: Landing a gig with The Rock in Hercules is pretty huge. How did it feel when you got that call?

I was so honored when I got the offer to be in one of Brett Ratner’s films. He’s always been a favorite director of mine, and when I saw the script I thought the character was perfect. The role is small yet important. Working with Dwayne (Johnson) was a dream come true. I’ve never taken acting lessons, but he’s so talented, I was able to watch and learn a lot from him. He was very helpful and encouraging on set!

You’ve been modeling for SI’s swimsuit issue since 2007. How did you get discovered?

It was when I was still living in Russia. I went with my sister to a beauty school because she wanted to learn to do hair and makeup, and someone there approached me. I was in Moscow when I got the call for SI. I was so excited—I never expected to be chosen. In 2011, I became their first Russian cover girl, which was one of the highest honors of my career.

How would you define your sexiness?

Every woman is sexy in her own way. Sexiness to me is something that comes from inside and is more about a mentality and way of acting and carrying yourself.

How do you prep for shoots?

I don’t believe in diets, but I do love working out. I love boxing, Pilates, running, and light weights. I try to go for a long and lean look. And I mix up what I do so I don’t get bored. I do use some weights, but I’m more into Pilates and boxing right now.

What’s your favorite cheat meal?

I love burgers and fries! And chicken nuggets! And sweets! I love to eat!

Irina’s Stats: 


HEIGHT: 5′ 10″

WEIGHT: 119 lbs. 

AGE: 28

INSTAGRAM: @IrinaShayk

TWITTER: @TheIriShayk