Prepare for your conditioning excuse to be invalid: Hidekichi Miyazaki was born over one hundred years ago and his cardio routine is going strong. 

They call him “Golden Bolt” because much like his Jamaican counterpart Usain, the 105-year-old just keeps breaking world sprinting records. His latest milestone came at yesterday’s Kyoto Masters Athletics Autumn Compeititon in Japan where the centenarian ran 100m in 42.22 seconds.

Not bad for a man his age, right? Wrong. Miyazaki told Guiness World Records he wasn’t happy with his outing.

“Today my target was 35 seconds,” Miyazaki told Guinness. “I shed tears of disappointment because I was not in good condition. I am not satisfied with today’s time. But I am satisfied that I could cross finish line.” 

It’s no wonder that Miyazaki wasn’t satisfied, he’ll need to shave down his time down if he’s going to make good on his dream to take on Usain Bolt, the current 100m title holder. Bolt’s record is 9.58 secs but Miyazaki jokingly brushed off the time saying: “He hasn’t raced me yet!”

Usain Bolt himself had to show him love for that kind of display. He said this recently on Twitter: