Extreme athletes like Jujimufu, Demi Bagby, and more have flexed their incredible feats of balance on social media, but even they would be impressed by the doings of Christopher Joyce, a fit phenom whose Instagram is home to jaw-dropping videos of him doing handstand stunts on treadmills (as the belt was moving!), dumbbells (in the middle of Times Square), and barbells (while shaking a dog’s hand, for an extra dose of absurdity).

The balance master isn’t afraid to take his show outside of the gym, performing across New York City parks, barbershops, and anywhere there’s a crowd. Joyce competed in the 2017 Urban Fitness League (UFL), where he came in first at both the freestyle and team event. He must have felt right at home in the organization, which is based on the “concept of urban fitness developed in public parks, playgrounds and outdoor gyms,” according to their website.

Take a scroll through this gallery to get a glimpse at some of Joyce’s most compelling stunts that he’s posted on his Instagram.

Warning: Don’t try any of this at home. And remember, if you’re going to shake a dog’s hand, have both feet firmly on the ground. 

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