15-Year-Old Mahailya Reeves Just Benched 360 Pounds

The high school freshman powered through the lift—and the state record.

If you go to the gym, you probably know at least one guy who manages to brag about his bench press prowess in nearly every conversation he has. Thanks to Mahailya Reeves, you can go ahead and inform him that 15-year-old girls go harder than he does in the gym.

Reeves, a high school freshman and powerlifting phenom, just benched 360 pounds at the Florida High School Athletic Association championships, breaking her own Florida state record, according to USA Today. She shared a video of the record-breaking lift, which she put up with relative ease, on her Instagram page. 




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Her 360-pound bench press marks the second time this year that Reeves has broken her own record. In January, she benched 355 pounds, dwarfing a 335-pound bench she hit in December 2018. Again, she's 15 years old!

The up-and-coming lifter shares plenty on her Instagram and hits some serious numbers aside from her monstrous bench press. And if you think you've got her beat when it comes to leg day, think again. In a recent video, she box-squatted a casual 500 pounds.



500 BABY ❗️❗️????

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Reeves has already been hitting the gym for five years, according to ESPN. But she's got a long road ahead of her as far as her lifting career is concerned, especially since her goal is to become the strongest woman in the world one day. Follow her on Instagram at @mahailya_myshelle to keep up with her journey.

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