In general, celebrities have it pretty good. But during this incredibly stressful period of self-quarantine, they are absolutely thriving. The coronavirus pandemic has caused turmoil for average people. Gyms are closed indefinitely, businesses are struggling, and everyone is going so stir crazy that Instagram fitness challenges and Netflix’s Tiger King have been trending for weeks.

Meanwhile, the rich and famous spend their days in giant houses, work out in state-of-the-art home gyms, and still get to watch Tiger King. On social media, millions of people are looking to celebrities as a distraction from the madness, and they’re delivering. It seems that every famous person with an Instagram account has chosen their own way to connect with fans as COVID-19 disrupts everyday life.

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Even those who always go out of their way to engage with followers are kicking it up a notch with live workouts or Q&A sessions to show that we’re all in this mess together, albeit in very different environments. That’s easy for people who live in mansions to say, but at least they’re trying.

As the content our favorite stars are pushing out rolls past on our Instagram feeds, we can’t help but wonder what it’d really be like to be stuck inside one of their gigantic houses right now. We’ll never find out, but we can dream of a situation in which we’re not dusting off unused resistance bands to get a workout in.

Here, we’ve rounded up some of the celebrities that we’d love to be stuck with during quarantine, which is to say the ones with awesome home gyms, incredible backyards, and those who just seem to be making the best of staying home.