Ted Lindberg has been lifting for 75 years, since he was just 12 years old. He remembers how back in the early days gyms didn’t even have benches, and gym-goers had to lie on the floor or on homemade, wood planks to lift. After retiring from working construction, Lindberg began hitting the gym regularly to get out of the house and stay active. This was how Lindberg discovered the sport of powerlifting.

“I like a challenge and it’s something athletic I can do,” Lindberg told Fox9 News in his hometown of Eden Prairie, Minnesota.

Lindberg set a record for his age group by bench-pressing 214 pounds in Chicago, which he broke this past year by lifting a whopping 220 pounds at the 2018 World Powerlifting Championships in Las Vegas. “I feel pretty good about it, but you gotta remember at 87 years old, I don’t have a whole lot of competition,” said Lindberg.

Now, Lindberg isn’t satisfied with these two records and has a new goal: to bench 300 pounds by the end of the year. He says he intends to break another world record when he turns 90 and that he wants to keep lifting for the next 10 years. Lindberg is showing all of us young folk that age is just a number. Just because you’re getting up there in age doesn’t mean you have to stop getting up there in gains.

H/T Fox9 News