WWE is the ultimate never-ending athletic soap opera where thousands of matches take place each year, so when stipulations are added to make these contests more interesting, they often provide some much-needed finality to a feud, creating bona fide Superstars out of the combatants along the way.

The WWE calendar would not be the same without the Royal Rumble or Survivor Series matches, but for every great gimmick match, there’s a stinker that has fans scratching their heads. In honor of Halloween, we look at some of the most innovative, and also some of the most cringe-worthy, stipulation matches of all time.

Since WWE owns the back catalogue of former rival WCW, we can re-live the whole glorious archive on WWE Network. Let’s scratch beyond the surface of the TLC match or the Elimination Chamber and, in no particular order, bring you some of the more outlandish gimmick matches of all-time.

The Top 25 WWE Superstars of All Time

The Top 25 WWE Superstars of All Time

Warriors and Macho Men and Nature Boys—bah gawd!

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