Ethan Suplee is best known for his role as Louie Lastik, the lovable lineman who can sing The Temptations as well as the Temptations, in Remember The Titans. Now, Suplee looks like the guy who would shove Lastik into a locker, take his lunch money, and clean-out GNC of all of its protein powder.

Early on Friday, January 20, Sports Nation shared a before and after photo of Suplee. On the left, he’s in character as Lastik from the 20-year old movie. On the right, he is 200 pounds lighter, sporting a thick chest and traps.



That same day, Suplee, who has also had roles in My Name is Earl and American History X, held an AMA (ask me anything) on his Instagram. In it, he revealed that he cut his calories by 20 percent and stays full on foods such as Applegate roast turkey, 0% Greek yogurt, and bananas. As for his workouts, Suplee performs a push-pull-legs routine six times a week, resting once. That seems like a lot, but you don’t work up to a 405-pound bench press (“my proudest lift,” he told one user on Instagram) by being a slouch.

Suplee is also hosting a new podcast, American Glutton, which launched on Jan. 8. In it, the 43-year old talks to experts and “average Joes” about America’s obesity crisis and his personal 20-year long battle with obesity. You can check out the podcast here to learn more and follow along with Suplee’s journey.