Allison Baver is the US‘s preeminent female short track speed skater. She competed in both the 2002 and 2006 Winter Olympic Games, and won the US National Championship in 2007. A nasty collision in an international race earlier this year left her with a shattered leg and surging doubts about her competitive career. But she has tackled her leg rehabilitation like a true champion, and has made an incredible recovery. She is currently training fulltime to prepare for the 2010 Olympic Trials. In between 8-hour workouts, Baver finds time to prove that you can be a queen on the ice but still be smoking hot. Check out her sexy photo shoot in the January issue of Muscle&Fitness. You‘ll agree that it deserves a gold medal.

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To see more of Allison check out the January issue of Muscle &Fitness on newsstands november 9, 2009.