Even though Arnold Schwarzenegger concluded his governorship almost three years ago, the effects of his political efforts are still gaining recognition. The latest instance: Saturday’s World Congress on Anti-Aging Medicine, where he accepted the A4M Infinity Award for his early commitment and action to secure funding for stem cell research, a controversial issue among his party and a still hotly-debated topic on the national stage.

His other contribution to anti-aging, of course, remains his decades-long crusade to promote weight training as a safe, important aspect of personal well-being and general health.

“When I was 15, I wanted to be the best [bodybuilder] in the world. I didn’t know that I would ever think about promoting fitness. At that time people were very skeptical about fitness and about lifting weights,” Schwarzenegger said to a consortium of doctors as he accepted the award. “People were saying that lifting weights was terrible for you. There were certain people against the idea that you should take care of your body before you get sick.”

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