Sabotage stars Arnold Schwarzenegger and Joe Manganiello were in Brooklyn Monday night to guest host WWE Raw with Hulk Hogan. Our executive editor gave Hulk Hogan the thumbs up for staying in shape, as only he can. “Look at this guy here with his pumped up biceps, look at the triceps, look at the deltoids, look at the pectoral muscles. Wow, give him a big hand, this man is the real deal!”

Arnold went on to talk about his friendship with legendary wrestler Andre the Giant, and told Hulk that he and Joe would be happy to represent at the Andre the Giant Battle Royal. Joe started talking to the crowd, but The Miz had different plans when he gate crashed the event and started talking trash. Things started to get pretty heated, but Joe, Arnold and Hulk handled it the way any WWE pro would—with violence.

 Did these two major M&Fers represent when the gauntlet was thrown down? Did they ever! Let’s just say the Sabotage boys gave Hulk Hogan a nice helping hand or two.

Check it out: