Arnold Schwarzenegger has never been afraid to explore his funny side. From bond fide comedies like Twins and Kinderagrten Cop to “was it an action movie or a comedy?” movies like True Lies and the countless legendary one liners, our Executive Editor knows how to raise a chuckle from movies fans.

In this recently-released promotional video for YouTube Comedy week, which takes place from May 19-25, Arnold shows that he has lost little of his comedic touch with puns a-plenty as he strolls down a street filled with planking nerds and Harlem-shaking crowds.

Put in this way, no one says “Word” quite like Arnold. He even rolls out a Terminator spoof toward the end of the video. “The Oak” took to Twitter to tell fans how much he enjoyed the experience:

And, for fans pining for another comedy starring Arnold, do not despair, one might be on the way! According to the Guardian, Arnold is in negotiations to take a role in a remake of the 1984 movie Toxic Avenger, a movie about a 98-pound nerdy janitor who gets exposed to radioactive waste and turns into a superhuman crime fighter.

But fear not, Arnold is not going to go Christian Bale/The Machinist on us and drop a crazy amount of weight. The Guardian report went on to say that Arnold would not be playing the title role, but could not confirm who he would portray. In the meantime, check out the YouTube Comedy Week promo featuring the man himself: