Look, we all know that you can’t be in the gym 24/7. Overworking yourself is a very real danger, and the only way you’ll make any real fitness progress is by pacing yourself. So it’s important to realize that turning on the TV and watching some Netflix for a whole weekend won’t ruin your gains—if anything, restful time away from the weights on a regular basis is exactly what you need to give your body and mind a break.

However, that doesn’t mean that your TV time can’t still be productive. Instead of rewatching The Office for the 700th time, why not watch something that will inspire you to reach your goals? Thankfully, Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime have no shortage of fitness and bodybuilding documentaries to choose from. Whether you want to learn more about the culture of the Golden Era of bodybuilding or get up to speed on today’s modern strongman and CrossFit scene, there’s a little something for everyone. These 10 documentaries are perfect to binge on your off-days or while you’re on the treadmill to help get you through your cardio session.