The legendary Greek figure, Adonis, was said to have possessed such unearthly physical beauty that even the goddess of love herself, Aphrodite, couldn’t help but fall head over heels for the delectable deity. In honor of Adonis, and those who’ve aspired to follow his lead in a quest for perfection, we present you with our list of the 10 most aesthetic physiques from the Golden Era (1960s-1980s) of bodybuilding.

For this ranking, we’ve carefully curated a list of the most aesthetic physiques to come out of the era, deliberated on by experts including bodybuilding legends, journalists, and members of the M&F team.

Becoming a Legend: Frank Zane’s Top 10 Training Tips

Becoming a Legend: Frank Zane’s Top 10 Training Ti...

The three-time Mr. Olympia shares what helped him stand out on bodybuilding’s biggest stage.

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