There was a time when John Cena’s appearance was something you could depend on. For over a decade, the 16-time WWE Champ showed up for big matches with the same basic look: a pair of white sneakers, those signature jorts, and a precise buzzcut that looked specifically sculpted for his first day of boot camp.

However, at WWE Super Show-Down over the weekend, the former Doctor of Thuganomics threw a wrench in his own well-oiled machine when he walked to the ring sporting a completely new look. Far longer than usual and styled like JFK cosplay, Cena’s new ‘do inevitably became an instant meme that birthed plenty of hilarious hot takes from fans across the globe, with people coming to call it his “mid-life crisis” cut.

Here’s just a sampling of the best reactions:

Some fans even compared Cena’s new hair to what former WWE Champion JBL rocked for years over on the Smackdown brand:

Good guy Cena, of course, acknowledged the similarity, giving JBL a shoutout over social media later in the night:

But perhaps it was Cena himself who had the best take over on his increasingly bizarre Instagram page:

Even WWE had to acknowledge this follicular curiosity:

Whether this is permanent or just something he decided to unleash on the internet for this one night is unknown. But for now, let’s just enjoy this sight while we can: