Spring is almost here, and you know what that means: bunnies, chocolate—and CBD jellybeans? David Klein, creator of the famous Jelly Belly brand in 1976, has launched a new line of beans with cannabidiol (or CBD), just in time for the season. 

Tapping into the CDB trend that is slowly seeping into nearly every edible industry, Klein, who has been active in the candy industry since selling Jelly Belly in 1980, created the “candy beans” after learning more about the actual health benefits of the cannabis-derived compound; CBD is known for helping to relieve pain with its anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety effects. “I said to myself, ‘is anybody doing a jelly bean with CBD?'” he recently told Cannabis Aficionado. The answer was no, so Klein started Spectrum Confections, a new candy company specializing in CBD-infused sweets. Currently, Spectrum is offering three varieties of CBD jelly beans: regular, sugar-free, and sour. 

“I love candy,” Klein said in the interview. “Not a day goes by where not only do I eat candy in some form, but I think about new candy ideas.” Each bean contains 10mg of CBD and comes in 38 flavors. “The jelly bean is perfect for the proper dosage [of CBD],” said Klein, who added, “If people want a small dose, they eat one. If they want 20 mg, they can eat two. They can decide what their proper dosage is.”

We’re not sure how these new confections will translate with so many states cracking down on CBD edibles and other products, but they’re currently “out of stock” and taking orders.