This epic table of food looks more like a challenge, but it is what swimmer Ryan Lochte eats to power his body through the intense daily workouts he does to stay at an elite level. It looks like we have two types of chicken, a platter of mac and cheese and a plate of asparagus going on here. Lochte, who has five gold, three silver and three bronze medals to his name, is gunning for more medals at the Rio Olympics in two years time. He took to Twitter this week to share his food habits:

We visited Lochte’s website to see if we could unearth any training footage, and found this clip from last year. Check out how the man goes about burning those calories.

Lochte spent a lot of his swimming career at the University of Florida, but decided to move to SwimMAC Team Elite in Charlotte, North Carolina, last year. Check out his take on how the new setup is going: