“I am boxing,” the statement Conor McGregor yelled into the microphones Saturday night when defending his boxing acumen against Floyd Mayweather.

For months now these two juggernauts have been rumored to be close to a mega-deal that would put UFC’s brightest star in the ring against the undefeated boxing legend. What makes this go around different is that dates for a fight are being mentioned as well.

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According to latimes.com, “McGregor said he’s aiming for a September fight date against Mayweather. McGregor is awaiting the birth of his first child, a son, with a due date in eight weeks.”

This doesn’t mean the fight is a done deal, but he did mention “we are very close to inking it” in the video below. He also couldn’t get through the entire interview without flexing his pricey jewels and clothing.

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Although nothing is written in stone at the moment, these two polarizing figures look to be on an epic collision course that every combat sport fan can’t keep their eyes off of.

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