In his previous blockbuster movies, veteran action star and former M&F cover model Dolph Lundgren did most of his dirty work on land. Now, he’ll be taking his talents to the sea as King Nereus in the upcoming DC Extended Universe movie Aquaman.  

Thanks to the modern day technolgy of CGI, Lundgren won’t have to spend a whole lot of time immersed in shark-infested waters, waiting to be something’s next big meal. That doesn’t mean the 6’5″ Swede is off the hook when it comes to working on his swimming technique.

As you’ll see in the video below, he’s actually ON the hook while he works on simulating his underwater moves. In the clip, Lundgren is hooked up to a huge rig that supports his weight as he’s pushed through the air. Once the special effects guys add their magic touch, it will appear as if Lundgren is gliding through the water, rather than being hoisted and pulled across a sound stage on a massive crane. 

It may look like fun, but after a few takes the muscular actor will most likely be glad to return to solid ground. Since so much of the underwater-themed film will take place in the deep blue, it’s imperative that the characters master their aquatic fluidity. Stunts like the one above will help convince the audience that King Nereus is obviously a natural born swimmer.

Aquaman isn’t scheduled for release until Dec. 21, 2018, giving the cast plenty of time to work on their stunts so they don’t appear to be like a fish out of water.