The Game Changers documentary has convinced yet another muscular star to go vegan—this time, it’s Rocky IV actor Dolph Lundgren. The Swedish superstar told Piers Morgan he’s been eating a plant-based diet for about a month.

He said he made the switch after watching the Arnold Schwarzenegger-produced documentary on Netflix. “I checked it out and then I figured I would try it out,” Lundgren told Morgan, according to reports

Apparently, the biggest benefit of giving up animal products has been an improved sex life, Lundgren said. “It was already quite good but it went up about 50%,” he said. 

In Game Changers, Schwarzenegger and other athletes discuss how a plant-based diet could improve performance, recovery, and more. Indeed one of the aspects touched on by the scientists featured in the movie is sex—one informal experiment claims that eating a vegan diet could give men harder, and longer-lasting erections. 

Lundgren isn’t the only one who’s made the switch since the movie hit the streaming service. Kai Greene quickly pounced on the bandwagon, and even produced an e-book on the topic. Even Hafthor “The Mountain” Bjornsson said he’d be willing to try plant-based eating, but has yet to do so. 

As with anything on the internet, though, there are also plenty of people hating on the claims made by the documentary. Dr. Gabrielle Lyon, a prior guest on the Muscle & Fitness podcast Reps, in a lengthy Instagram post said “There is so much wrong” with the movie “I cannot cover it all.” 

“The integrity of the material you are told is none,” she writes in the post. “What is true are the emotional tactics used.”

Whether you agree with Game Changers or not, it’s undeniable that its made quite an impact on the athletic and bodybuilding communities. It’s only a matter of time until someone else makes the switch.