Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green is buying 20 new Blink Fitness locations, adding to his ever-growing roster of fitness-related investments. In an interview with Yahoo Finance, the NBA champ shared his rationale for the investment and explained the fitness trend in his business endeavors.

“There was an opportunity to take it to Michigan and start downtown Detroit—there are so many great things going on there, and just to be able to offer something to help out the living down there is amazing,” he told Yahoo Finance. “There aren’t many gyms down there, and you’ve got more and more people moving back to downtown Detroit. It’s getting that big-city feel back, and everything else is to follow. To put a gym down there to help everyone’s day get started, I think it’s amazing.”

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Green has also been involved with Mark Wahlberg’s supp line Performance Inspired, as well as Rumble Boxing—he is an active part of both.

“Those are things that I can immediately add value to, being a professional athlete. You’re talking about a fitness gym in Blink, and Performance Inspired with all-natural nutritional supplements—I use those every day. With Rumble, I know that boxing is one of the best workouts you can get.”

Why invest in fitness rather than, say, tech companies popular among his teammates? Green knows fitness, and can trust his judgment when it comes to companies that cater to fitness enthusiasts. He’s doing his research on possible tech investments, but wants to study them as much as he can before he takes a jump into that industry, he explained.

Check out the full interview below.

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