Dwayne Johnson has just revealed that he is set to become the latest member of the legendary “Five-Time Club,” on SNL. 

The term for this elite group was coined by Tom Hanks after his fifth run on the show back in 1990, and the name has been around ever since.

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Johnson’s first go around as a host was back in March of 2000, when he strictly was know for dropping “The People’s Elbow” on his opponents as crowds went wild.

Since then he has elevated his brand to astronomical levels with a new movie, or project releasing every few months. He also has re-appeared on SNL several times, putting together some hilarious skits.

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Johnson’s episode it set to air May 20 on NBC. Until then relive a few of his skits from his last time on the show, back in 2015. 

The Rock Obama


Koko WatchOut


Old Friend