For those of you who didn’t watch the Oscars or go on social media, in the past 12 hours, their was a pretty sizable mishap at the award show. 

During the presentation of Best Picture, La La Land was announced when in reality Moonlight was the award winning film, and left the audience in complete shock. Take a look below at the dropped jaws of the some of Hollywood’s biggest stars.

But what tops the cake for us is our favorite bad-ass Dwayne Johnson’s face, as this disaster is happening. 

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Outside of that horrific moment, The Rock did have a moment on stage. He gave us a brief snippet of his singing abilities, while introducing a performance of the song “How Far I’ll Go,” which is from his Oscar nominated movie Moana.

The Rock – Oscars 2017 by burnerrr

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Unfortunately Moana fell short in both the Best Animated Feature and Best Song categories, which means we might see Johnson having another child. Take a look at his burgers or babies proposition below. 

Despite Moana taking a loss, we did still get some news about his upcoming film Baywatch due out May 26.  

The Rock – Oscars Red Carpet by burnerrr

At this current time, nothing important in Hollywood goes on without including the former WWE star and Sunday was a prime example.