The second trailer for the upcoming Baywatch movie is here, and it’s filled with more action and women, but this time we get to see The Rock lift a refrigerator. Of course, movies have their special effects, but something tells us that Dwayne Johnson lifting a huge kitchen appliance (or two) isn’t too far fetched. In the scene, The Rock (as Mitch Buchanan) is competing against a complaining Zac Efron (playing Matt Brody), and yells, “This is Baywatch, you p***y.”

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We also saw The Rock flex his muscles in this trailer and get into a fight, which looks like it’ll be another great scene.

Also watch for sexy actress Priyanka Chopra, who plays Victoria Leed, the presumed devilishly sexy and sinister villain. The trailer is a little over one minute long and jam-packed with action.

For those excited for the upcoming Baywatch movie. you’ll have to wait until May 26, but until then, we will keep sharing updates.