The “baby makers,” he calls them.

Dwayne Johnson took to Instagram to dish out a small technicality about the warm up to an intense leg workout. Specifically for his hips and glutes, Johnson, due to his laundry list of injuries, is attentive to spending time warming up and getting loose. 

In the clip below he hammers out a few knee-banded glute raises, were he does a “5 second hold at the top, squeezed, with resistance bands above the knees using 225lbs.”

Johnson proves the point that no matter how strong and young you are, warming up your hips is neccesary no matter your routine. Besides, “The Rock” wasn’t lying when he said strong hips can help you in the bedroom

As for Johnson, it’s amazing that he still has time to stay in tip-top shape with the recent release of The Fate of the Furious, the upcoming Baywatch film, and other projects down the pipeline