Hundreds of mixed martial arts-starved fans from NYC filled out the inside of The Beacon Theater on Thursday afternoon for the latest stop on the UFC 189 World Tour

Conor McGregor and company fielded questions from the media and fans in what was a volatile scene. The afternoon was punctuated by intense staredowns and McGregor mania, only helping to increase the anticipation for one of the UFC’s biggest blockbusters of 2015.

 “This tour we have done is unprecedented. We have done a few cities before but we have never done anything like this,” UFC President Dana White said as he addressed the crowd in The Beacon. “Since we started in Rio and everywhere we have been, this has been pretty taxing. We end up in one city one day and we fly to another the next and both Conor and Jose have both been rockstars.”

We that know at least one former Muscle & Fitness coverman and action-movie star will be in attendance come July 11 in Las Vegas — Arnold Schwarzenegger has been a huge fan of “The McGregor-nator” for quite some time.

McGregor has touched down in six cities within seven days, making his last leg of the toour in his hometown of Dublin, Ireland. It’s a lot of traveling and self-promotion for the Irish title, but he wouldn’t want to have it any other way. 

“It’s [media obligations] something that I learned to fall in love with. I honestly see it as a separate discipline. Fighters can be broken under that spotlight,” said McGregor. 

In unusual but paramount circumstances, McGregor’s title shot against featherweight champion, Jose Aldo, will be the show’s main event on July 11. Typically, the heavier weight classes are rewarded with marquee headlining duties. The co-main event will feature a welterweight contest — pitting new titleholder, Robbie Lawler, against familiar foe, Rory MacDonald. 

Here are some the most memorable soundbites of yesterdays’ UFC World Tour press conference. 

White on the magnitude of UFC 189

“The first quarter of 2015 was the biggest in UFC history. This fight will be the biggest of the year.”

“This thing is on track to sell out tomorrow.”

The Main Event

McGregor on his intense staredown in Boston, and getting under Aldo’s skin: “I don’t care about his skin. It’s his head I’m after. They were holding me back, not him.”

“Tell Jose he better be prepared to die because I’ll be prepared to kill. The contest will be decided in the first four minutes.”

Aldo: “After this fight he will go home crying, and my pocket will be full of money.”

The Co-Main Event

MacDonald: “This time I’m focused, 100 percent, and I’m going for the kill.”

MacDonald on his career moments, which have prepared him for title shot: “I can’t pin point anything. Both of my losses were huge for my growth.”

Lawler: “Rory had good takedowns and really good striking. I’m going to worry about taking the fight to him.”

Aside from the palpable build-up to the monstrous July event, White continued to shed more light on the growing chances of MMA hitting The Big Apple. 

“I can’t see it not happening. If this (MMA) gets legalized, I’ll see every one of you at the garden in December,” exclaimed White.