Fia Reisek, a five-foot-five-inch tall mother of two, may not fit the stereotype of a competitive arm wrestler. However, she took home two hammers in her WAL Championship debut in June.

Reisek, a native of Sweden, competed in the women’s 129-148 pound weight class and won hammers in both the right- and left-handed competitions. She was the only woman to take first place both left- and right-handed at the 2016 WAL Women’s Championships. 

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The armwrestler grew up in Storuman, which she describes as an “armwrestling Mecca.” She trains at Storuman Armsport, a gym where about 40-50 people are training constantly to become better armwrestlers. Her father is her trainer, and she’s been at it since she was just seven years old.

Reisek also takes her workouts outdoors and has an entire setup where she and her training partner Heidi Andersson, herself an extremely talented armwrestler, do calisthenic workouts to supplement training at the indoor gym.

To catch Fia’s dominant performance, along with other top armwrestling matches from 2016, be sure to tune into ESPN2 at 11:00 pm EST, on Sunday, Sept. 11.