Snoop Dog and Tyese Gibson are teaming up more than 20 years after working together on the movie Baby Boy, in 2001, to bring director Ariel Vromen’s crime thriller 1992 to the big screen. The movie will also include a posthumous appearance by screen legend Ray Liotta, who sadly died from heart failure and other complications in 2002 at the age of 67.

What’s 1992 about?

In 1992, Mercer, played by Tyrese Gibson, is desperately trying to rebuild his life and a relationship with his son (Christopher A’mmanuel) amidst the turbulent 1992 LA uprising that followed the Rodney King verdict. Across town, another father and son (played by the late Ray Liotta, and Scott Eastwood) put their own strained relationship to the test as they plot a dangerous heist to steal catalytic converters, containing valuable platinum, from the factory where Mercer works. As tensions continue to rise in Los Angeles and chaos ensues, both families reach their boiling points as they ultimate collide in this tense crime-thriller.

“1992 was a life-changing time for me, from Deep Cover to The Chronic,” says Snoop Dogg in a press release for the movie. “But as things in my life were coming together, everything in LA was coming apart. 1992 is a heist movie that really captures all of that. This movie is about an LA moment. Ariel made an outstanding film that depicts this moment in time. From my first encounter with Tyrese in Baby Boy to the performance in 1992, I had to be a part of this. And it’s only fitting that the film come out under Death Row Pictures as Death Row is synonymous with LA culture in the ’90s, ya dig?” Gibson, who recently talked to M&F about his love of fitness, cars, and music, has also commented on the emotional project. “Ray Liotta blessed all of us in life while doing this film. For 1992 to be Ray’s last offering, we all feel so fortunate to have captured such a masterful and chilling performance.” Interest in the movie is already high, with the trailer amassing almost a million hits in the first few hours.

When will 1992 be released?

Distributed by Lionsgate, 1992 scheduled to hit theatres on August 30, 2024.

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