Floyd Mayweather says “Dana White Used to Carry My Bags”

Pretty Boy Floyd just added fuel to the fire in his feud with Connor McGregor and now Dana White.

At the moment Floyd Mayweather is a retired boxer and has been embracing the promotional side of the business as of late. While Mayweather was in New York at a boxing event he had a few unkind words to say about Dana White.  

In the video above Floyd said, “The last time I made $25 million was 10 years ago.” He added, “In sponsorship money leading up to the Pacquiao fight that week I made somewhere [between] $25 and $30 million.”

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For those who don’t know, Dana White recently offered both Connor McGregor and Mayweather $25 million each if they got in the octagon together, while on the sport's talk show The Herd.

Clearly the undefeated boxer felt slighted by what he considered a small offer and went on to call the President of the UFC a “small boss” and “just an employee.” Finally, he couldn’t end the impromptu interview without throwing one more jab and reminiscing about a time when White allegedly carried his bags. 

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Although a superfight between these two polarizing figures doesn’t seem anywhere close, it sure is entertaining to watch both sides run their mouth.