google weightlifting gif


The creatives at Google are always finding innovative ways to educate, inspire, and entertain via their Google Doodles. And today’s “strong” showing is just another example, except they clearly didn’t have anyone watching this dude’s form. “That is a unique move: a hybrid stiff-leg deadlift-barbell row-reverse curl-push press,” says M&F Deputy Editor Zack Zeigler. “Also, he has clearly skipped a few hundred leg days, but he gets a pass. Namely because he has bigger issues to contend with, like the fact that he is missing both feet. Maybe he should hold off on the upper-body moves until he A) puts on shorts (we can see your stem, sir), and B) adds muscle to those stilts he calls legs.”

Google ran the weightlifting Raspberry in an effort to promote the 11th day of the 2016 Doodle Fruit Games, where (hopefully organic!) produce from all over the market compete for the title freshest fruit, and players are flocking to get in on all the action. In today’s main event we see the mighty, headband-wearing Raspberry warming up for the weightlifting competition. “That headband clearly needs an upgrade, but that unibrow is top-notch,” adds Zack. “Also, this is for any guy, girl, or piece of produce who enters a gym: Flexing your face muscle pre- or post-lift is never advised in the fruit-lifting world.”

Yes, we know we’re being tough on Raspberry, but we’re not wrong: owning gigantic balloon-sized biceps and toothpick legs is a rotten look. However, by the time you finish reading this paragraph, the Raspberry will have knocked out 12 reps with no sign of slowing. Maybe he knows something we don’t …