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Thousands of superhero fans have been flocking to arenas around the world in recent months to catch Marvel Universe Live, an incredible showing of special effects, high octane gymnastics, and stunning action. As Spiderman, Captain America and friends travel the globe to promote the highly popular tour, a sporting legend has stepped forward to join the fun and test his mettle.

More than 100 cast and crew bring Marvel Universe Live to life. Prior to the tour, the team completed 3 months of training, which lasted 12 hours per day, 6 days per week. This grueling training included strength, agility, and intense choreography.

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During the Nottingham, England round of publicity for the tour (for shows which take place in September), Britain’s Carl Froch, who retired from boxing with a career that includes 4 Super-Middleweight Championship reigns (WBA, IBF, and twice with the WBC), sought to prove that he is just strong as the irrepressible Thor.

Thor Hammer

Froch’s full-on ring style and enviable stamina lead many boxing pundits to credit him with one of the hardest chins in the sport, but could he lift Thor’s iconic hammer, Mjolnir? As hundreds gathered to take on the challenge and attempt to emulate Thor’s godly strength, few would succeed.

Bringing together the largest assembly of Marvel characters in a live production, audiences will be able to watch some of their favorite Marvel superheroes during this tour.

With the pressure now squarely on Nottingham, England’s own superhero, Froch would step on to the stage, take a deep breath, and use all his strength and stamina to succeed in raising the hammer! It was a great victory for Froch, who still looks to be in great physical condition.

Everyone will be able to cheer for their favorite Marvel superheroes, including Spiderman, Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, Black Widow and more, as they battle Loki and Marvel’s most sinister villains in a live, action-packed arena performance for the whole family. It’s being hailed as the most technically advanced live show ever, with cutting-edge special effects, pyrotechnics, aerial stunts, martial arts, motorcycles and more. 

Marvel Universe Live utilizes stunts developed by the team from the Hollywood blockbuster Thor, and The Amazing Spiderman films. Each show includes the largest flying system ever used for a live arena tour. Perhaps Froch may join the cast.